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Extra Wide Flannel Fabric

Looking for a Fabric that can cover a Wide expanse of clothing? Don't search more than ae nathan's Extra Wide flannel fabric, this Fabric is top-rated for any clothing-related item you might need for your business. With a price point for just the 12-yard, this Fabric is sure to be a success for your store.

Extra Wide Flannel Fabric Amazon

Our Extra Wide flannel Fabric is fabricated from a natural flannel fabric, it is 6 yds Wide and imparts a white flannel Fabric that is 9. 50 yds wide, it is a fabulate Fabric that is fantastic for a variety of applications. Extra Wide flannel Fabric is top-of-the-heap for a complex or fabric, it is likewise facile to tuck in for a session or quilt. The yellow color is appropriate for a quilt back, this Extra Wide flannel Fabric is additionally handy for use as a main Fabric for a quilt. This Extra Wide flannel Fabric is terrific for a complex block or quilt, it is in like manner fantastic for front-of-the-inery ace series quilts and tri-color quilts. The Extra Wide flannel Fabric is a good alternative for anything from to basic 2-d quilts, this beige Fabric is an 12-yard run, 21-inch width. It is 100% cotton and feels comfortable to wear, it extends a soft, ivory color that is sure to suit most.