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Flannel 10 Inch Squares

Our layer cake Squares are delicious and uncomplicated surrogate to show off you your they're outstanding for businesses, functions, or just for fun, get your set of 42 Squares today and put a smile on everyone's face.

Top 10 Flannel 10 Inch Squares

Our flannel 10 Inch Squares are beautiful soft cotton face cloths with 30 x30 cms in size, they have an 500 gsm finish and would make a sensational addition to your home décor. Are you digging for a bed cover that will help protect your bed from cold weather? If so, you may be wondering what flannel is, flannel is a sturdy, medium-weight fabric that is sterling for overlap and close-ups. It's peerless for a hard-shell bed, travel bag, or office desk, when it comes to bed protection, flannel is just as good as other bed covers on the market. The soft, smooth texture will keep you from feeling cold on top of the bed, and the down comforter will help keep you cozy in, our are made of hand-made flannel which is prepared to give the hand a warmth and warmth. The handwarmer is to be used on cold days or cold water and it is a good alternative to keep the hands warm, this 10 Inch Squares is an exceptional poster art for any home or office. The flannel fabric is very strong and means that your poster will last long, this is a top-grade surrogate for any office or home decor.