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Flannel Quilt Patterns

Alexander saginaw's Quilt kit comes in three colors - red, green, and blue - and is designed to help you create a Quilt like never before, with just a few straightforward steps, she provides step-by-step instructions that make Quilt making a breeze. Whether you're digging for a gift for a friend or a Quilt for your home, this kit is a practical substitute to sweeten the deal.





Applique Complete Quilt Pattern Set Of 4
Applique Complete Quilt Pattern & Buttons
Applique Complete Quilt Pattern (not Kit)
Jelly Roll

Over & Down Under Bonnie

By All Through the Night


Highland - From 1995 - 3501s

Pine Needles - Vintage Quilt

By Pine Needles


Quilt Pattern:

Quilt Pattern: "Flannel Mini Log

By Wind in the Willows


Cuddle Up Northern Lights Flowers Winter H66

Pieced Quilt Patterns Cozy Flannel

By Thimbleberries


Quilt Pattern Pieced Jg

Pick A Patch Of Flannel

By Unbranded


Highland Quilt Pattern By Pine Needles
Floor Pillows Uncut Oop Duanns Designs Two Styles!

Best Flannel Quilt Patterns

This Quilt is manufactured with flannel and cotton, it is a first-rate Quilt to add a touch of luxury to your home. The natural transition Quilt pattern will make you and your home feel like a new place, this Quilt pattern is from the book "vintage pine needles patterns" by mckenna ryan. It is a Quilt design by ryan that is pine needles quilt, it is fabricated with flannel and cotton thread. This is terrific for the flannel head! You will have all the buttons you need to get your little one into trouble yet again! The fabric is splendid for the body type and the buttons are going to make a huge impact, this Quilt pattern includes 3 Quilt Patterns in different zigzag and flannel fabrics. The Patterns are: 1, faded star quilt: the Quilt features three faded stars zooming in and out of the fabric. Star zagflannel: the Quilt features zigzag stars and flannel fabric, flannelled stars: the Quilt features the features of a star and zigzag fabric.