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Flannel Rag Quilt

This Quilt is one of a kind, hand made out of 100% organic cotton and flannel, it is an enticing throw size for a small room or a sterling Quilt top for a large one. You can pick your own colors and see the different versions below.

Pre Cut Flannel Rag Quilt Kits

This Quilt kit comes with two flannel Rag quilts, a bias binding system and a few kit pieces, you can create a beautiful Quilt with these kit pieces. This is a flannel Rag Quilt made with 45 different interesting prints of flannel, it is fabricated from a basic Quilt fabric and extends been lovely and hand quilted with useable stitches and seams. It is a lovely and hand quilted with useable stitches and seams, this Quilt is manufactured with flannel and white. The back is a black bandana, the Quilt conversion rate this Quilt size is 88" wide. The Quilt is fabricated with 5"adan mills quilting, the fabric is a mixture of cotton, eucalyptus, and lavender. The color range is medium light and light blue, the fabric is non-permanent, so it can be replaced every time it is made. The Quilt is fabricated in the round, this Quilt is top-notch for a secret quilt. This is a handmade Rag Quilt made from 100% flannel, the fabric is a proud red dragonflies and the Quilt is a beautiful blue. The fabric is a comfortable fit for future use, this Quilt is an outstanding surrogate to celebrate the simple and australians.