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Mens Flannel Shirts

Looking for a stylish and comfortable men's flannel shirt? Don't search more than our 5 colors long sleeve top! It's quality and fit that makes this top stand out, as it features button pockets on the shoulders and cuffs, from the right place, you'll find the wrong thing that's going on with this top - it's too small.

Shirt Plaid

Men's Foundry Big & Tall

By Foundry


Mens Sleeveless Dress Shirts Button Down Slim Fit Casual Plaid Checker Flannel

Mens Sleeveless Dress Shirts Button

By Hat and Beyond


Shirt Sz Xxl Seriously Soft Classic Fit Yellow

Mens American Eagle Plaid Flannel

By American Eagle Outfitters


Shirt Excellent Comdition

Mens Eddie Bauer XL vintage

By Eddie Bauer


Button Up Shirt Gray Black Plaid - Extra Large
Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt

J Crew Mens Black Gray



Flannel Shirt

This flannel shirt is produced of natural fabrics and is produced to be comfortable and stylish, the buttons and straps are designed to keep you warm and comfortable. The plaid shirt is manufactured of natural fabrics and is designed to be modern and modern-ish, the men's flannel shirt is a versatile shirt that can be used for a number of different ways. You can wear it as a regular shirt, but especially as a statement piece that you make when you're like minded, the thick, robust fabric is able to take a lot of wear and tear, so it's a top-notch shirt for enthusiasts that are always on the go. The true fit imparts a bit of room to breathe, making it an outstanding shirt for lovers with a plus size body, the new flannel shirt for men is a long-sleeve button-pocket shirt. It gives a cool flannel fabric that will make you look like a westerner, the colors are new and make you feel like you're on the western frontier. The shirt is 8 in one new color and 8 in one long-sleeve color, you'll be able to wear it with your blue jeans, rant pants, or even a work shirt. The shirt is long-sleeve and roomy too so you can fit a few items in the waistband, this shirt is a top-of-the-line substitute for a work shirt, a day job, or a trip to the park. The vintage pendleton Mens size 14, 5 plaid long sleeve button up shirt from our collection is a good way for the modern man who wants to look old-fashioned. Made of 100% wool, it's comfortable and stylish, the size is 14. So it's roomy enough to tailor all of your plus, the pendleton's large plaid design will show your face in all its raw, this shirt is likewise good for its overall look, which is often seen as being modern and sleek.